TRISA / Biography
Real Name: Trisa Hayes Laughlin
AKA: Teresa/Theresa Hayes (both incorrect)
Other Names: Amanda Day, Trinity
Birthdate: March 14, 1969
Hometown: Muskegon, Michigan
Billed Height: 5'5"
Billed Weight: Between 105 - 115 lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Hazel
ECW Debut: April 8, 1995
Last Appearance: May 30, 1998
Dress Size: 2/3
Ring Size: 5
Measurements: 322436
Television Credits: ECW, WWE, All My Children, The Sopranos
Currently: Married to Tommy Dreamer, mother of twins
Quote: "Because I'm Beulah, and my box is always open for you."


Trisa's first foray into wrestling was during the late 1980s; she was brought into Stampede Wrestling for an appearance as Brian Pillman's sister, being hasseled by his opponents. She and Brian were dating at the time. Then, in the early 90s, she appeared in several skin magazines more on that can be found at Beulah Nude.

In 1995, Trisa ran into Scott "Raven" Levy at a Miami nightclub and told him she was interested in getting back into wrestling. She sent him a few copies of her Penthouse and he in turn passed them along to Paul E and Tommy, who wanted to hire her.

She debuted in ECW on April 8, 1995 in Raven's corner as the former fat girl from summer camp. According to Raven's shoot interview, he doesn't remember who came up with the name "Beulah McGillicutty" but it was Paul Heyman's idea to incorporate her in the Raven/Tommy Dreamer storyline. The "pantydriver" spots were also Paul's idea. Beulah remained at Raven's side until 1996, when she turned on him in a risqué storyline and sided with arch-nemesis Tommy Dreamer.

Just before their mixed tag-team match against Shane Douglas and Francine, Trisa mentioned to Tommy one night that she thought she could do a moonsault since she had gymnastics training. He took her up on that and she used the move during their televised bout, almost breaking her nose.

Her next high-profile match was an intergender tag team bout pitting her and Tommy against Bill Alfonso and Rob Van Dam. This was apparently a make or break match for Alfonso, as he was found out to be a "mole" for WCW; his performance kept him employed with ECW.

Trisa was a popular star in the company until 1998, when she decided to leave wrestling; to send her off, the Dudleys "broke her neck", making her the first female victim of the Dudley Death Drop. She returned to college and later had a role as an extra in a couple of episodes of day-time soap opera All My Children.

She turned down Paul Heyman's $10,000 offer for a one-time catfight with Dawn Marie and her last wrestling "appearance" before 2005 was as a hidden character in ECW's first (and only) video game. She wouldn't be seen in a wrestling ring in person again until the first One Night Stand pay-per-view, when she ran out and attacked Francine for one last catfight. Many fans suspected she would be appearing in one way or another after Tommy handed her the phone during a call-in appearance on Byte This.

She also appeared at One Night Stand 2 in a six-person intergender match and is now under contract with WWE, accompanying Tommy to the ring when shows are run in the New York and Michigan areas.