TRISA / Frequently Asked Questions
The FAQ has been split into three sections questions about Trisa/Beulah, questions about the site and questions about Beulah Nude. Please read over each section to see if your question has already been answered before e-mailing us.

Q. Who came up with the name "Beulah McGillicutty"?
A. In a 2003 shoot interview, Raven (Scott Levy) simply said "someone" blurted out the name during a meeting and it stuck.

Q. Are Beulah and Tommy really married?
A. Yes, they were married in New York on October 12, 2002 and are now the proud parents of twins, Kimberly and Brianna. And to answer the next inevitable question, sorry but we don't know the story behind the Tommy/Beulah/Francine situation.

Q. Is her name Teresa, Theresa or Trisa?
A. Her first name is Trisa. Teresa and Theresa were misspellings.

Q. Will she ever come back to wrestling?
A. Although she was signed to a contract with WWE, she was used only once and has not appeared as a participant in a WWE show since 2007. She will never return full-time to wrestling, according to Tommy.

Q. Is/was that really Beulah on your C-box/Forum?
A. Yes. We had some Beulah imposters a few years ago but any messages from her you see left on the site are the real deal. As the c-box is apparently her favourite feature on the site, try leaving a comment on there if you want her to see it.

Q. Didn't this site used to be
A. Yes. Despite the new name, the site is still run with Trisa's input and support.

Q. Do you have the lyrics for ______?
A. Lyrics for several of the songs Beulah entered the ring to in ECW are on the aptly titled lyrics page.

Q. Can I link to/use the pictures on this site?
A. If you want to post some of the pictures from the gallery on boards such as DivaBoard, DO NOT HOTLINK. Use a service such as Photobucket to upload the photos to instead of direct linking to us. Above all else, the Exclusive pictures, at the request of the photographers, are not to be used elsewhere without their permission and must retain the watermark. As long as you're not hotlinking to us and use the watermarked Exclusives, feel free to use the pictures on this site elsewhere.

Q. Can you e-mail me pictures?/Can I have un-watermarked versions of the exclusives?
A. Sorry, no to both. You can download them yourself from the gallery. The watermarked exclusives were marked at the request of the photographers themselves. If you'd like clean copies, you'll have to contact the photographers directly.

Q. Other questions or complaints about the pictures...
A. A good number of these sites we've collected the general pictures from have gone offline and most of those pictures were seen on many, many sites online. If you personally took the picture or scanned it in yourself, please let us know so we can credit you properly.

Q. Will you make my site?
A. Only if you pay us or we really like you. No, seriously.

Q. Where are the nudes?/Can you send me the nudes?
A. All the photos and scans we could find are at Beulah Nude. The site has been taken down by the host (probably due to lack of updates) and will be down until further notice. We will not send the photos/scans to you directly.

Q. Regarding Daydreaming...
A. The film in its entirety is 18 and a half minutes long. Even if we had the proper software, it is way too much of a hassel to record and upload the entire thing. This means we will never, ever upload or send the entire film through e-mail. If you want it that badly, eBay is your friend.

Q. What adult magazines has Trisa posed for?
A. We don't have a complete listing yet but ones we know of include Cheri, the Australian Penthouse and High Society. As of January 2002, Scarlett is in possession of The Best of Cheri Vol 82 circa September 1996, Cheri December 1997 and Cheri Party Girls #14 circa May 1998. As for the Australian Penthouse, the search continues.

Q. Has Beulah ever made any other adult videos?
A. Directly from Trisa herself: no. Daydreaming is the only adult movie she has ever made, don't believe anyone claiming otherwise.